About the novel

This is a blog about a new project that we are focusing on. It is about novel of a playbook that gets lost and… Well why would we make a full disclosure and ruin the fun for you. This will be the novel about secret games in different industries and politics behind it. Since I want to stay anonimous, I will call myself a Revealer.

This novel is fictional, but based on some real events that happened in the past, so it will give you a great historical perspective as well as entertaining, jar-dropping story which will keep your feet up!  Here I will just post some random things that might not really make too much sense, but once you read the novel, you will be able to make some connections and you will manage to see an amazing plot with the information given in those news. This is a first novel of such kind and anyone who would like to get engaged early, should just follow the news and try to make some connections which will matter later on!