Travelling with air – misunderstood concept for our heroes?

Since there will be a lot of travelling in this novel, let us write a bit about that;

The British Telegraph is presenting myths and truths about what we know and what we think we know about planes and flights.

How much of what we hear finally apply?

1. The plane can drop up to 1,000 feet during severe turbulence

This is not the case. Falls up to 100 feet in height even in very severe cases.

2. The economic seats are more secure than the business

According to the publication, and with investigations in the event of a collision the risk of death is actually more increased for front-row seats which traditionally are the “A position”.

3. Half of the pilots have fallen asleep in the cockpit

According to a survey by the pilots union of the British air force, this fact is true.

4. The staff of the airport consumes the confiscated alcohol

This was reported by a representative of the Service Transport Safety in Britain according to the Telegraph.

5. Emergency landings happen all the time

This is true. It’s not always a reason for concerning and for many airports around the world a forced landing is something usual.

6. If the security staff forgot to lock the doors, then, theoretically, any passenger can open it at 30,000 feet.

No, that can’t happen. Imagine how much force is exerted from the outside and you will understand that no one can do it to such a height.

7. What happens if someone dies during a flight

According to the publication of the Telegraph, if there’s room in the first class cabin is transferred there and the nearby passengers informed.

8. The toilets are emptied in the air, usually over the sea

It’s being heard many times but it’s not true. The sewage from the planes is emptied exclusively at the airport.

9. If lightning strikes the plane, there is a problem

The planes have valid safety certificates and the modern materials are less conductive, so there’s no reason to worry.

10. It is more likely for someone to die in his bed rather than on the plane

It’s true! The plane is still the safest transportation.

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