Brazil on Swimwear – Why Brazil is the King of Bikinis

Having around five thousand miles of beach adorning the borders of the country, it’s no doubt that swimwear in Brazil is extremely popular. Women from all parts of the country sizzle in various kinds of swimwear on the beaches of the country. The Brazilian designers have set a high fashion trend in the field of swimwear and have raised the style quotient very high.
Swimwear in Brazil simply means various kinds of bikinis. These are worn by women of all shapes and sizes irrespective of their ages. The way they carry out the bikini is what makes them look fabulous. The variety of colors, styles and sizes available makes the Brazilian swimwear popular around the world. The swimwear is sweet and sexy at the same time. This combination makes them appealing and helps them to maintain their popularity.

One of the most stylish Brazilian swimsuit options is a halter neck top with wide straps. These swimsuits are very popular with those women who have larger busts. The built-in support system of the bikinis helps the women to carry off the bikini with style and confidence.

Another style which is immensely popular is the Brazilian cut bikini. This bikini covers a moderate area of the breast of a woman. The covering is such that one may think that the clothing would some off at the slightest movement. The fabric at the back is shaped like a triangle. This bikini imparts a sexy and alluring look to the woman wearing it.

Micro bikinis are one of the emerging trends in the swimwear industry. They cover as little as possible of the body of the woman. Both the top and the bottom of the bikini are very revealing. It becomes very essential for women to remove their public hair before wearing a micro bikini and going out on the beach. The bottoms of the bikini are known as Fio Dental, Tanga and Asa Delta. Asa Delta is similar to that of a thong while Tanga covers a minimal part of the back. Fio Dental resembles a dental floss and it slides between the buttocks of the women. There are three types of bikini tops available which are halter, triangle and bandeau. Whatever type of top and bottom a woman can choose, the macro bikinis are very revealing and therefore, women should have a good figure and confidence to carry off the bikini in style.

There are many women who may have got bored with wearing bikinis. For them the athletic looking Tankinis are the ideal ones to sport. They not only provide a sporty look to the woman but also make her look attractive. Tankinis are ideal for those women who want to cover the stomach area. Tankinis are preferred by pregnant women who get more space in the middle area than they get in the traditional bikinis.
Swimwear in Brazil comes in various shapes, sizes and styles. A toned body, lots of confidence is the two essential aspects that the women should have before they wear a bikini and hit the beach.

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