Character introduces himself: Henry

Personal Goal: I am working on trying to learn 10 new words in Japanese a week for the next year.

Academic Goal: I want to graduate Full Sail University with a Masters of Science in Entertainment Business.

Professional Goal: I want to work in the Entertainment Industry as a manager or publicist in Japan or in New York.

What are the barriers or hurdles you think could hold you back from achieving these goals?

Personal Goal: I may not have time to accomplish my goal every week between my work and my online classes.

Academic Goal: I may have a problem with the Math and Statistics courses.  I always have a difficulty with Mathematics.

Professional Goal: With the way the economy is, it maybe difficult for me to find a job after I graduate Full Sail.

What strategies will you use to combat those barriers or hurdles?

Personal Goal: I will need to map out a time management calendar to map out enough time every week to study Japanese, finish my online classwork, and when I need to work.

Academic Goal: Try to find a friend who can help me with the sections in Math and Statistics that I have difficulties with.

Professional Goals: In the next year, I want to see if there are any part-time internships or entry level positions in the Entertainment Industry in Japan so that I can learn the differences in the Entertainment Industry is in Japan. I will also keep my LinkedIn account updated and current with my resume and contacts both in Japan and in Los Angeles.


That is all about Henry.

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