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                     Entertainment of the Film Industry

I have always enjoyed going to the movie theater and buying a bag of popcorn, a large soda and settling in to see the newest feature film on the big screen. I am not alone, countless people have been mystified and entertained by movies around the world for nearly a century. And today it is still one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

The history of film began in the late 1890s, with the invention of the movie camera. Motion pictures developed gradually to one of the most important tools of communication, entertainment and mass media. At the end of the 19th century, people were first introduced to a horse galloping in a record-style format called a Zoopraxiscope, which was of the earliest ways of showing a moving image to an audience. From there, celluloid film was being patented; and eventually sound was being added. The 1950s was known as the “Golden Age” of film. This period was marked by glamorous movie stars and adorable child actors and film helped keep Americans minds off the economic slump and war of the time. During the Second World War and after, film was making advances into animation, propaganda and war-based films. Continue reading

Gerard – car enthusiast and detailer

Gerard is calm guy, that likes cars. All kinds of cars actually. Fast cars, slow cars, luxury cars, old-fashioned cars,… He is a 32 years old car detailer and works for local detailing company. He paints and seals the cars all they long, making interesting appearances and make them look nicer for their owners. He often complains of the “boring” parts of his jobs, such as tire detailing (this is applying tire shine – products that make tire look shiny black, – see for example explanation on this website) and polishing the car. In his free time he watches TV and befriends Henry. They go to forest and beach together to hook up with local girls. Little do they know where the road will take them later on…

Brazilian bikinis and beaches

In our novel, a destination to which we will travel will also be Brazil.  That’s right! A land of many beaches and cheerful people, a place which some call heaven on Earth. We should learn some more about their culture and their most famous invention. Can you guess what that is? I’ll give you a hint. A thing that makes world interesting!


Have you figured it out? That is correct, I am talking about micro bikinis! I will explain them more in the future.

Character introduces himself: Henry

Personal Goal: I am working on trying to learn 10 new words in Japanese a week for the next year.

Academic Goal: I want to graduate Full Sail University with a Masters of Science in Entertainment Business.

Professional Goal: I want to work in the Entertainment Industry as a manager or publicist in Japan or in New York. Continue reading

Dangerous beaches

Okay guys… I am afraid I am making too big of a hint for you here about what is in the novel… But still, enjoy!

Welcome to The Beach of the Dead!

That’s Playa Zipolite for you, a beach community on the southern coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. According to some claims, in the Zapotec language, Playa Zipolite translates to ‘beach of the dead’. It was so named because of the deadly underwater currents running offshore that claim many human lives.
No matter how safe you play, life is bound to happen. No matter how guarded you are, unexpected twists and turns will foil your plans. However, it doesn’t hurt to stay alert and place our safest bets against life. A plan as simple and sweet as spending a day with your kids and family at the beach, could backfire and result in a mishap. Continue reading